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Manufacturers Representative, Consultant, Advisor

Ambassador of high value containers, UN/DOT compliant packaging, material handling products, secondary containment supplies, and more. 


My professional story began in the 1980's when protecting the environment became front page news.  It was common to see stories about containers of hazardous materials in abandoned buildings or drums buried in vacant lots. Container manufacturers, environmental protection product producers, and facility/MRO/safety supply companies were front and center with regulatory compliant solutions. 

Being in on the ground floor of this industry, working for industry leaders over the past 30 years, and pivoting to an independent advisor role has been a road well traveled. Along with innovative suppliers who approach customers with a sense of responsibility and urgency, I look forward to listening, learning and helping with opportunities.



Navigating the complexities of sourcing niche products seamlessly.


Trusted to step in at any time to move the ball forward. 

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